Design your gender smart programme – VIP day

Company specific inclusive programme design

Create and implement your own  gender smart support programme for farmers, and achieve more production and better quality of product, reduce gender inequalities in the household, such as division of labour in the family, decision making, as well as assets, and reach out to many farmers.  Start with making your own vision, and vision plan to get there!


Especially for providers of services for farmers, such as traders, service providers,  standard bodies, roasters, NGOs, and government officials. This one day programme you will  design your own   gender smart programme. Every person in your organisation, who is relevant for the progarmme can  participate.

Do you provide support to farmers, and your clients are  mostly men? Your adoption rate for Good Agricultural Practices is less than you would like? You do not get high quality product nor a sufficient and sustainable supply? You want to increase the conditions for the participation of women and youth?

This day will give you all that you need to design an inclusive programme, that will attract both women and men of different age groups, improve effectiveness of your programme, and address gender issues.

Other organisations which designed and implemented inclusive programmes increased the participation of women and young people, staff became more effective in their communication with farmers, and made their training more participatory. Both male and female farmers become more interested in coffee, and implemented gender changes.

See here testimonial of ECOM

You do not want to interfere in the lives of farming families? You are doing that already by focusing on men alone, and often with unintended negative effects. By focusing on both men ánd women they  can  benefit from your interventions, and many negative effects are addressed.

You think it is more costly to address families, instead of men alone? You probably need to change when and how you deal with farmers, but in the end, it is much more efficient and cost effective.

Yes, I am interested!


You can also apply for a strategy session to find out whether this is something for you. Or learn more about the approach GALSatScale or at

I have developed programmes with Tutunze and CMS in Tanzania, SMS in Kenya, IndoCafCo in Indonesia.

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