Design your own gender smart programme – Group Programme

Especially for providers of services for farmers, such as traders, service providers, roasters, NGOS, and government officials.

Create and implement your  gender smart support programme for farmers, and achieve more production and quality of product, reduce gender inequalities, such as division of labour in the family, decision making, as well as assets.  Start with making your own vision, and vision plan to get there in one day!

This three day programme is aimed at  different organisations which would like to design their  gender smart programme. every organisation can select 2-3 people to participate.  Each organisation  looks what is important for them, what they  want to achieve in terms of making their  programmes for farmers gender smart, first indivially then together, and that way we grow towards a vision which the participants of each organisation  embrace.  Then they look at where they  stand now, and what is needed to achieve an one year goal. They look at the opportunities that assist them in achieving their goal, and what are the constraints that prevend them for doing so. They  also analyse the different gender aspects in terms of division of labour for productive and household activities,  who in the household owns what, who makes decisions on what? Who in the household spends income on what.

In case you want to do the exercise with farmers, that is also possible, click What farmers future looks like. 

In case you want to do the exercise with your own  organisation, click Design your gender smart programme – VIP day

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