Afbeeldingsresultaten voor ecom agroindustrial Sue Garnett, Sustainability Manager ECOM Agroindustrial Co. Ltd. http://www.ecomtrading.com/.  Catherine has been developing and implementing various gender and youth components in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Indonesia:  ” I cannot think of a better partner to help us with writing and implementing our project proposals in your area of expertise, ie Gender and Youth”

Volcafe Logocid:image002.png@01CDFEF1.6FE5FF90 Anneke Fermont, Sustainability Manager, Kyagalanyi, Uganda, after a three day training of 90 Coffee Youth Teams in October 2016: “The Coffee Youth Teams are doing their best after your training. In particular West Nile, the spirit is really there. A few teams have 90 jobs for the coming 2 months”.