Young service providers

Business and gender training for  female and male youth

Young women and men are no longer idle and bored, they become service providers to farmers in their community.  They learn new techniques fast, and become interested in having a career in agriculture.  By providing gender training, both young women and men get involved, and they learn how to treat each other as equal human beings.

This training is intended for young women and men in rural areas, whose parents are involved in agricultural value chains. The farmers may be linked to a specific trader, NGO or other organization, wanting to provide this service.

The main problem is that young women and men are not interested and not participating in agricultural activities.  This creates a sustainability problem for future generations.  By training young women and men in business and gender skills, in addition to technical skills, the youth see that there is a future in agriculture, it is possible to do agriculture as a business, and get a decent income from it.

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Many people are pessimistic about dealing with youth. They do not think it is possible to get them interested in agriculture. However, the study and programme implemented with Kyagalanyi show it can be done.

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